The PR Tool Box

To deliver strategic and effective communication solutions The Clique will draw on a range of options in the PR Toolbox. The PR Toolbox enables us to creatively execute a number of touch points, goals and levels of engagements. Through social media and the connection points between consumer and their devices, we are increasingly taking traditional PR tools and executing them in a way that makes your communications more accessible, enduring and cost-effective. 

The tactics include:

  • Website and social media podcasts
  • Customer stakeholder audits and surveys
  • Both quantitative and qualitative research such as:

     -   Focus groups

     -   Industry and sector data analysis

     -   White papers

  • Charitable donations and fundraising
  • Product drops
  • Face to face briefings
  • Publications:

    -   Brochures

    -   Booklets

    -   Newsletters

    -   Face Sheets

  • Marketing collateral