Influencer and Social Media

Social Media Image

Views of your organisation, brand or product can spread like wildfire as content is shared in a multitude of networked relationships. Such is the nature of social media.

Its rise gave birth to a new communication tool - social influencers. With their large following of like-minded cliques, influencers can be effective in sharing your organisations’ messages to their own audiences in ways that appeal to their own clique of followers.

The Clique can help you enhance the way social media is used to build your brand, tell your stories and most importantly connect with your consumers. As part of our integrated communication strategy we can do the following:

  • Identifying influencers whose values and styles align with your brand
  • Managing influencer campaigns on your behalf
  • Monitoring communications relevant to your organisation
  • Managing your social media channels including the development of social calendars, posting, analysing and connecting with relevant cliques