Media Relations

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The media landscape is always changing. 

We know what the different media are looking for. We know who, where and how to engage with each media to earn your place in the right spaces that will connect you in a meaningful way with your cliques. 

The Clique can develop your strategic media relations plan that will deliver far more than just noise or column inches. Our work includes:  

  • Customised media relations programme to engage with the relevant media on your behalf in ways that will deliver value and begin establishing meaningful relationships. 
  • Develop specific stories that will resonate with each media’s audience. 
  • Preparing you and your organisation for media engagement through media training as well as communicating with internal and external stakeholders so you maximise your impact and take people with you. 
  • Monitoring and analysis of media coverage to assess reach and effectiveness while identifying future opportunities.  
  • Assistance in preparing for and responding to any issue or crisis that may impact on your organisation.