Media Relations

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New Zealand's media landscape is continuously shifting, which is why you need the assistance of an agency who works closely with it. We can help you recognise who, where and how to engage with the media to ensure you deliver the right story. We know what the media is looking for, and we will guide you in choosing the right media for your story.

It is crucial that you build a good relationship with the media. It is an ongoing task, but to work with them also means that you have access to a credible and powerful platform to successfully convey your business goals. As an efficient PR company, The Clique can help you establish a connection with the media through strategies and programmes that best reflect the interests of your business.

We efficiently understand your organisation’s mission, and we work hand-in-hand with your team to realise your goals and reach your desired audience. We create tailored media releases, monitor media coverage of your organisation, and guide you to respond confidently to the media in all situations.