Reputations of Trust

We believe that a good reputation is one of your organisation's most important assets. A reputation of trust is the foundation for any successful brand or business - and the way you communicate with your various publics is important.

As Warren Buffet said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that you’ll do things differently.” An investment in a solid public relations strategy for your organisation makes sure you are prepared and protected for those five minutes that could destroy your carefully built up reputation of trust. 

A reputation of trust begins with the relationships you have with your stakeholders. Just as important are the cliques that lead those stakeholder groups. Whether they are your employees, customers, investors or the media, the influencers within these groups often set the issues and provide opportunities for engagement. The end goal is mutual understanding.

How you communicate reflects the culture of your business and its leaders. A commitment to honesty and transparency should be part of every company culture, but demonstrating this to stakeholders needs a good understanding of what really matters to those stakeholders. It's about speaking to their needs rather than offloading the content we believe they need to hear.  

The term 'brand equity' reflects the value that people see in your brand. Brand attributes and product benefits will only go so far in a crisis. How your company and the people who represent your company are perceived just before a crisis hits will often make the biggest difference to how you survive a crisis.

A public relations disaster has the potential to tarnish or destroy your reputation. We have seen some spectacular examples of this recently: Subway has had to deal with its spokesperson being linked to a child pornography investigation, and Volkswagen has been under the international media spotlight with its alleged cheating over emissions.       

What could place your company’s reputation in danger? What steps and processes have you put in place to deal with a crisis? Have you identified your reputation of trust? The Clique can assist your organisation with Reputation Management, and help you build and protect your reputation.