PR Insights


PR can be described and defined in many different ways depending on the situation or the person making the comments. 

Simply put, it’s our job to help our clients form, maintain and grow relationships between their publics. For the cynics who like to paint PR as spin, ask anyone and they will agree that communication is at the heart of any relationship – good or bad. 

But it can also be said that relationships and communication are like the chicken and the egg: which comes first? Neither, because one can’t exist without the other.   


Making your clique while making it click

In our many roles in life, we each belong to a myriad of cliques that can influence our trust and acceptability for different people, products, organisations, and even issues. 

The Clique helps you to identify, join, grow and contribute to the right cliques in the right way. In order to click with a clique, accessibility and authenticity are equally essential. 

Accessibility is not simply influenced by the format and language; it’s the relevance and appeal to each group, delivered in ways that make it easy to engage. 

When something clicks we have connected with that idea, experience or opportunity. It’s an entirely personal experience subtly different for every one of us, but with commonalities across cliques that, once recognised, make the difference to your ability to connect. Working together with our clients, we pool our knowledge and insights to achieve that click with your cliques.

Authenticity can’t be faked. Building meaningful relationships with your cliques in order to achieve the holy grail of mutual understanding and respect requires honestly and transparency. Actively seeking ways to deliver mutual benefit is part of this.