The Clique Difference

The goal of The Clique is to help everyone understand and value the cliques they belong to or that are important to them. We assist in developing respect for the different perspectives that each clique has, and at the same time we identify ways in which we can incorporate all of these differences so  everyone can work towards the same goal. This is when real communication happens and everyone’s desired results are achieved.


Our strategic model, The Clique Difference, ensures that your investment is optimised, you create genuine advocates, and you establish relationships that do more than just listen to your message.

Creative, sustainable and strategic communication solutions. Our strategies and programmes are driven by a clear business imperative that has complete commitment from everyone in the team.

Customised communications solutions. We identify ways to maximise the use of joint assets of both of our organisations.

We work in synergy with your team. In order for us to achieve desirable results for you, we plan and deliver the most efficient and enduring solutions with your team. With your team’s knowledge and networks, we will provide a platform for future projects to ensure that you establish a strong and lasting relationship with your key stakeholders and external audiences. 

You play many different roles in your life. You belong to different cliques. These cliques can influence your levels of trust and acceptance for people, products, organisations and issues. Our role is to guide you in forming, joining, growing and contributing to the right groups efficiently.

Clicking with something means you have established a connection and understanding with that idea, experience or opportunity. This experience varies for everyone, and is dependent on the accessibility of ideas and information. The Clique is here to foster the future of communication that is influenced not only by format and language but also by relevance, authenticity and appeal.

The Clique's founder and owner, Jane Dodd, has over 20 years experience working for leading companies and brands. She has a proven track record in fusing the best of traditional PR with future-focused communication strategies. We specialise in the provision of food, health and consumer communication strategies and programmes to achieve the best possible outcome.