The Clique has a strategic relationship with SenateSHJ 


SenateSHJ is one of Australasia’s leading communication consultancies, specialising in government relations, strategic communications, and reputation management. The SenateSHJ government relations team is experienced in managing and shaping issues of significance with the media, the public, Members of Parliament, and government officials. 


Track record of success in government relations

SenateSHJ is highly experienced at working in the government environment. They know the extensive consultation and decision-making processes that are inherent to working with government.

They have a proud record of “wins” for clients across a range of industries, based on their understanding of what underpins successful lobbying:


  • A robust policy position that is developed and owned by the organisation, and which has clear and measurable outcomes.
  • Widespread industry support and/or third party endorsement.

  • A stakeholder engagement strategy that focuses on all key influencers (not just the high-profile targets).

  • A clear and effective supporting communications campaign.

  • An existing (or created) political imperative for change. 

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