Our Work

Clients are across New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.

Our Experience Includes:

Food and Beverage Communication

Promoted the value of beverages as part of a healthy and balanced diet.


Brand Building

Demonstrated the role of many different food and beverage products in our lives and assisted food and beverage companies to show they are to be trusted.  


Media Relations

Ensured the benefits, learnings and enjoyment of participants in a significant community project was shared with locals through media profiling in community newspapers. 

Media training, monitoring and evaluation are important parts of every media campaign. 


Issue and Crisis Management

Assisted a major company to compassionately announce a factory closure to staff and their publics while ensuring affected staff were given the respect and support they needed throughout the process.


Leadership Communications

Built a plan for a multinational to engage staff in company’s strategy.

Reputation Management

Explained contract changes of national significance to various stakeholders in the health sector.


Stakeholder Relations

Engaged with organisations, experts and commentators to make them aware of an issue that affected consumers – then helped them to communicate to members of their own clique so they can support consumers appropriately.