Meet the Director

Jane Dodd - Founder and Director of The Clique

“Earning your place in the hearts, minds and lives of the people that matter to you. That’s the Clique. Like-mindedness is a privilege not a right, earned by those who share or respect the values, views and ideals of a group of people bound by a common interest or cause.” 


Jane Dodd is one of New Zealand’s leading public relations practitioners with a passion for the power of communication.

Jane has been instrumental in developing a wide range of influential PR campaigns, many of which have been recognised by the Public Relations Institute of NZ (PRINZ) through their annual awards.

With 39 PR awards over the past 20 years, Jane has enabled major brands and businesses, including Wattie’s, Coca-Cola, ChildFund NZ and NZ Blood, to achieve their business objectives while delivering benefits to their stakeholders. Jane’s experience spans across all areas of PR, including crisis and issues management to marketing communications and brand development.

Jane constantly develops new approaches to PR that enable clients to build and protect their reputation, establish strong relationships with key influencers and achieve business results.She understands the unique needs of different audience groups, ensuring communications are relevant, credible and, above all, impactful.

Building mutually beneficial relationships and a genuine understanding between diverse groups is a hallmark of Jane’s approach to many successful partnerships leading to long-term benefits for her clients and their associates.