About Us

The Clique is a professional and adaptable public relations and communications consultancy that utilises the strengths of our own, and your communication networks to deliver outstanding results for you. Our expertise includes the full suite of PR, Marketing Communications, Reputation Management and Corporate Communications.

We help you be part of the conversations around your brand, product or business to build positive perceptions, fostering environments that allow you to thrive and achieve desired outcomes.

At The Clique, we immerse ourselves in your business or organisation and identify available opportunity to ensure your investment is always optimised. 

Depending on your business goals, we develop creative, sustainable and strategic communication solutions, integrating our services to develop customised plans that ensure your goals are met. 

With over 20 years’ experience working for leading companies and brands, The Clique's founder and director, Jane Dodd is one of New Zealand’s leading public relations practitioners and founded The Clique in 2013.

The Clique Philosophy 

Definition of clique

: a narrow exclusive circle or group of persons; especially: one held together by common interests, views, or purposes 

Our worlds are comprised of cliques, those groupings of people who are bound together because of shared values, interests or even circumstances.

You play many different roles in your life. You belong to different cliques. These cliques can influence your levels of trust and acceptance for people, products, organisations and issues.

We find the cliques that are relevant to you and identify the sweet spots of mutual opportunity, establishing a genuine basis for an on-going relationship that will deliver tangible benefits to you and others.

Our role is to guide you in forming, joining, growing and contributing to the right groups efficiently.

‘Clicking’ with something means you have established a connection and understanding with that idea, experience or opportunity. This experience varies for everyone and is dependent on the accessibility of ideas and information. The Clique is here to foster the future of communication that is influenced not only by format and language but also by relevance, authenticity and appeal.

"Like-mindedness is a privilege and is earned by those who genuinely understand, respect and share the traits and values of each clique."