About Us

The Clique is a professional and adaptable consultancy that utilises the strengths of both our own, and your communication networks to deliver outstanding results. That's just one way our mission to be 'better connected together' comes to life.   


Like-mindedness is a privilege, and is earned by those who genuinely understand and share the traits of each clique. 

"Better Connected Together."



At The Clique we consistently work to ensure your investment in Public Relations is optimised.

Sparking conversations, creating genuine advocates and establishing a groundswell of involved publics who do more than listen to your message, is our difference.

Our ability to establish networks of influence, our leadership in public relations practice, and a genuine love for great communications is reflected in the outstanding results we have achieved since being founded in 2013.

With over 20 years’ experience working for leading companies and brands, The Clique's founder and director, Jane Dodd, has a track record in fusing the best of traditional public relations, with future-focused communication strategies.